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Designated Parking Areas

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Now that spring is here and there’s no need to move trucks for snow removal, we’d like to update drivers on the designated parking areas at a few locations. We want to make sure our lots stay organized and can be used safely without confusion or congestion.


We are in the process of opening up the Stanwood, MI location and are trying to keep it organized with trailer and truck parking throughout the transition. We are using the pad for truck and trailer parking until we get the full parking lot organized. The way it is currently set up, we have created a circle drive to conveniently park and drop trailers. Please park tractors only on the east side of the pad and drop trailers on the west side. Please do not park tractors anywhere that could close off the driveways or the turnaround area.


We are in the process of receiving gliders and tearing down older equipment at NALT. This means the bone yard and glider parking areas need to be kept open for easy access. If a driver parks in that area and leaves his personal vehicle there, it could block operations and stop work flow. When vehicles are blocking traffic areas, we sometimes have to call drivers back to move vehicles, and we want to avoid drivers returning to our lots unnecessarily as it uses extra time when you could be on the road.

If there are not posted signs for parking and others are not parked there, it is likely not a parking area. Any time you have questions about where to park your vehicle or truck, please ask someone on site and we’ll be happy to make sure everyone knows designated parking spaces.

Thank you to all of our drivers for keeping our lots in order and moving efficiently.