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Driver Highlight: Matt Cimala

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Matt has been with NTB four years this fall. He had experience driving a smaller truck and used to do construction work before coming to NTB. “That was okay, but a lot more physically demanding than what my body can handle nowadays.” After spending some time in construction, Matt decided that he’d like to get into driving full time.

“I went through Michigan Works. I had help paying for driving school through that. That was a major bonus.” He had liked driving a smaller truck, and knew that truck driving would work out well for him.

“I like being able to see different things, different people, and moving around.” Matt adds, “The view in my office always changes,” and laughs.

As for what he likes about NTB, Matt lists the consistent home time at the top of his list. “I like the home time. I know what days I’m working, and I know what day I’m getting home. They keep me busy, and we have good equipment. If something happens, they get it taken care of, or they fix it.”

There are challenges that all drivers face, like bad weather and traffic. “Those are the two that can get you in trouble.” Matt says that deadlines are good to keep drivers moving, but some people are challenged by staying on task and paying attention. “If people have too much time, they get lazy. You can’t do that in this job.”

Challenges aside, Matt likes truck driving, and working for NTB. When he’s home from work, he says he spends a lot of time with his family, and likes fishing and catching up on tv shows and movies. He recently used his free time to teach his daughter and her fiance some camping basics as they prepare for a trip to Mammoth Cave.