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Driver Highlight: Sue Gomez

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

It’s easy to see why Sue Gomez was drawn to driving for a living. She remembers being five and driving with her grandmother in the south, going on fun vacations. On the road, she would see big trucks and loved to get drivers to honk. Unlike many people drawn to the trade because of a family connection to trucking, Sue doesn’t have anyone in her family with this profession. She discussed the decision with her family and said, “They were pretty shocked,” because it is not common for a woman to be a truck driver.

Uncommon or not, Sue has been driving for about twenty years. She has worked with NTB over three years. “I love the social aspect. I meet wonderful people everyday,” she says. Beyond liking her career, Sue stresses that she has stayed with NTB for many positive reasons. “It’s a good Christian company. That’s one of the main factors in why I came here.” She especially likes that NTB has a pastor if anyone ever needs to talk or ask for prayers. “He’s always available.”

There are difficulties to being a driver. “Being a woman in the field is difficult,” Sue notes, especially at first. Now that she is known for how well she does her job, Sue doesn’t have any problem getting respect for her skills. “People are impressed.”

“I feel like I’m an asset to this company and not just a truck number,” Sue remarks about NTB. She has even tried to bring in other drivers and encourages women to consider it. “If your heart is in it, you can succeed in this industry.”

Sue is an adrenaline junkie who spends her free time snowmobiling, whitewater rafting, and even skydiving. She has some indoor hobbies and enjoys reading, but she’s also an avid bowler. “I have a set schedule so I can bowl!”