Driving in Construction

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Driving in construction zones can be some of the most difficult driving we face. Make sure you’re practicing cautious and cool driving to navigate the roads safely.

Follow Posted Speed Limits

driving in construction road closedThe most important detail for construction zones is to manage your speed. Usually there is an indication of a work zone approaching and drivers will need to begin slowing down, sometimes before seeing a sign with the work zone speed limit. Try to maintain a constant speed to keep traffic moving safely and avoid speeding up only to stop ahead. Once you're through construction, the normal speed limit will resume, but keep in mind that traffic may still be moving slowly and take some time to spread out. Only resume normal speeds when it is safe to do so.

Adjust the Space Around Your Truck

Construction areas can be quite tight, and it's important to pay attention to signs indicating if trucks should use a certain lane. You'll want to leave plenty of room between you and the vehicles around you, even at reduced speeds. Keep an eye out for barriers that may shift the lane, and watch out for construction vehicles and workers near traffic.

Stay Cool

It can be incredibly stressful to drive with dense traffic, shifted lanes, uneven surfaces, noise, and stops. Remember to take a deep breath and be thankful for the people who are working hard to make our roads better.

Pay Attention

It can be hard to stay focused in harrowing construction situations. Make sure that you're not distracted by the radio or anything else while you drive. Paying attention to other cars, signs, and the workers around you to make sure you're driving safely.

Expect Delays

It's just the nature of our business that we're at the mercy of things outside of our control. We'll do our best to keep drivers aware of upcoming construction, but we don't always know how things are rolling. Accept that sometimes you will have delays, especially with the weather getting nicer, and just do your best to get there safely.