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Driving in Work Zones—Tips on Keeping Work Crews Safe

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Monday, April 6, 2020


With spring comes construction season, starting with the repair of winter’s potholes and quickly developing into full-scale roadwork that can last all summer. What will happen in regards to construction this season remains to be seen, as we've had an unusual start to spring this year. For those still on the road, we have some tips to navigate work zones and maintain a stressless attitude while the roads we travel are under repair. 


As Always, Safety First

Keep in mind that while a truck driver sits several feet up from the road, construction workers are right down there next to 18 wheels rolling by at a relatively high rate of speed. Although they may get used to the whizzing sounds and blowing wind created, it is still disconcerting to hear a car or truck coming faster or closer than what is considered safe. It’s important to empathize and make an effort to understand that their job means working in a dangerous situation, so with drivers who are proactively taking safety precautions, everyone should feel safe going into work for the day.


Safety Tips for Driving Near Road Crews:

  1. Slow down in construction zones.
    Recognize how it would feel to have one of your trucks going by and it will be easy to slow down.
  2. Keep an eye out for workers.
    They aren’t always highly visible from a distance, so watch for movement and vehicles parked along the roadway.
  3. Maintain a good distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.
    It can be hard when you have a deadline and miles to go, especially when the car behind you seems to be in a big hurry and is tailgating. 
  4. Stay aware of the behavior of other drivers.
    Being able to anticipate a fellow driver’s future actions based on what you’ve been observing can make the difference between staying safe and a not so favorable outcome. 


The Clock is Ticking...

It’s easy to become frustrated when construction along your route slows down your work day. We get it. We have a few thoughts on how to talk yourself out of feeling rushed when you can’t control your situation.


There are things in life you can’t change, so worrying about it won’t make things any better. In other words, know what you can control and what you can’t. You can’t control the traffic, so take a breath and focus on the things you do have control over. 


This is going to sound super cliche, but smile. Laugh out loud at the traffic or think of something funny that happened in the past. Laughing is one of the quickest ways to relieve stress and the results of that release can last nearly an hour. 


Listen to music, perform breathing exercises, make a game out of counting traffic cones—do what you need to do to stay calm and focused.  



At NTB we value the safety of everyone on the road—from our drivers, to passenger vehicles, to the road crews that keep the roads in top shape. Remember to not sweat the small stuff on the road. When we put safety first there’s always time to make it to our destination. 


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