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Fall is coming – Enjoy your routes through our beautiful Midwest states

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Monday, September 16, 2019

When considering a truck driving career in the Midwest, one might think of driving through cornfield after cornfield, but this amazing part of the country has so much more to enjoy. Read on as you dream about your future as a driver for NTB Trucking.


It’s the time of year when road construction is wrapping up and the smell of fall is in the air. 

Whether it’s cityscapes or landscapes that get your heart beating, rivers, lakes, changing seasons or vast expanses, the Midwest has many unique vistas that will help keep your drive interesting. 


Bridges with Great Views

According to the StateMaster website (1), Ohio and Illinois are second and third in the country for number of bridges. 


Long bridges provide a view of open expanses of water. Whether you are crossing a lake channel or a river, take a moment to enjoy the view as you traverse the Midwest. 


There is something to be said about bridge architecture. Where bridges are seen by many as utilitarian, the architects who design them want to be remembered for a super cool looking piece of art they created. The towers and cables generate lines pointing upward, while the vision of the roadway and side barriers lead your eye to your destination.


Fall Colors

A recent article in The Detroit Free Press (2) says optimal fall colors in Michigan are predicted to peak around October 19 this year. The weeks before and after will also likely be full of reds, yellows, browns, and oranges. It won’t last long, so take it all in during your day driving.


Enjoying Night Driving

Many sites of the Midwest can be enjoyed at night in a way different to how they are experienced during the day. Bridges may be lit up in a beautiful way and who doesn’t love a fully lighted cityscape?


As you approach your favorite Midwest cities such as Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Madison, or Grand Rapids, take note of what makes each view unique. City planning is meant to capture the imagination whether viewed during the day or at night.



While you are keeping your eye on traffic and the road ahead, maintaining a wider view is important to keep the mind active while driving. You may even see a few places you’d like to visit with family or friends during vacation. 


Stay safe and take in the view as we come into the crisp air of fall. Comment below with your favorite routes and sites to see while on the road. New and prospective drivers, share what you most look forward to seeing when you become a driver for NTB Trucking. 


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