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Fall Truck Driver Preparation

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Monday, October 1, 2018

At NTB, we’re always looking ahead. While it’s not quite time for snow boots and hot cocoa, here are some tips to prepare you for safe, comfortable driving in Fall.


Keep Your Vision Clear

Sunglasses aren’t just for summer. Polarizing glasses can help reduce glare on roads, especially when they are wet or snowy. While the days may be getting shorter, sunsets and sunrises can still make for dangerous driving.


Stay Warm

Throw an extra sweatshirt or blanket in your cab so you don’t find yourself out in the cold. Plus, a little something to remind you of home always makes those long drives feel shorter.


Take Care of Your Hands

Whether you’re just hopping in a cold cab or needing to check something outside, nothing is worse than freezing, bare hands. Keep a pair of work gloves handy, ideally something thicker and more reliable than leather racing gloves.


Hydrate and Stay Alert

Coffee and tea are great ways to get caffeine for a bit of extra pep on the road, so make sure you have a reliable thermos. Most double walled or insulated thermoses should keep your hot drinks hot for hours.


Dress in Layers

While we want you to be safe and warm, we know how quickly the weather can change. Dress in layers so that you are comfortable and focused at any temperature. Bulky layers can also reduce your flexibility, making it harder to drive.

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