Generation Next—Preparing for the Future

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

On March 31, 2017, NTB made the decision that we would move forward in our purchase of the McLeod LoadMaster software. This is one of many upcoming improvements as we work to improve NTB’s technology and prepare it for the next generation. 

Without question, there will be changes to the ways we will be able to serve our NTB community. Nonetheless, many things will remain the same. We will continue to move freight from here to there. We will be a company who remains dedicated to our employees, customers and vendors. We will continue to maintain high standards in the care of our vehicles. And we will continue to look into the future, knowing that the best years at NTB do not lie in the past, but with the Future.

We are excited to have this opportunity for change ahead of us. Even though the conversion will be difficult at times, when we get to the other side and truly begin to tap into the many additional resources our new software will offer, I think we will all be pleasantly surprised at the new opportunity and understanding we will have before us. 

We look forward to our journey together!