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Gifts for Your Favorite Truck Driver

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Monday, November 30, 2020


Hey NTB drivers, this post is for your partner, parents, brothers and sisters, and your best friends, so send them a link.


It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving was last week and we are now deep into the Christmas season. With slowdowns in residential package deliveries this year, why not get started on your holiday shopping now? At NTB, we have an inkling of what drivers like to have in their cabs, so thought we’d offer some suggestions for some awesome gift-giving.


Something Useful

It can be difficult to think of a useful gift that a driver doesn’t already have. We have some ideas of gifts that will be used and enjoyed daily for years to come. 


Most drivers like to keep their cabs and sleeping berths simple and free of clutter. There are some gifts that help them maintain a neat and clean work and sleep space. 


A duffle bag with the NTB logo is the perfect gift for a new driver or one whose luggage may have seen better days. An NTB Trucking 18-24 can cooler will keep drinks and snacks cool and at the ready for breaks. 


This highly reviewed waterproof trash can stores a day’s trash and it has pockets to hold a few things a driver likes to keep at hand during their working hours. Having a hand vacuum cleaner in the cab will work like a charm for a quick clean up at the beginning of the day. A well-rated headlamp is super useful at the loading dock or on the roadside as we approach the days of the year with the fewest hours of sunlight. Sitting in the same position for a 14-hour workday can make for a stiff body, so get your favorite driver a seat cushion massager and heater to keep those tight muscles loose and comfortable.


Other ideas such as a new pair of gloves, a bluetooth headset, a steering wheel tray—the ideas seem nearly endless.


Something To Keep Them Warm

In the Midwest, we have several months to look forward to with cold and wet weather. Keep your favorite truck driver warm with these suggested gifts.


A warm jacket with the NTB logo will always be appreciated as a driver leaves the warmth of their cab to hook up a trailer at the loading dock. This waterproof jacket also comes in ladies fit and sizes. Our NTB ceramic mug will help warm the body and hands after a work shift. A personal food warmer can be a great alternative for food that doesn’t microwave well. 


Something That Makes Them Think of You

It’s always nice to be thought of. Shopping for the perfect gift can be rewarding, whether it’s for a friend or a family member. When you find something that really makes you think of the recipient, they will more likely think of you every time they see or use that gift because it reminds them that you know them so well. 


These gifts may or may not have to do with trucking. You may be moved to get them something useful for a favorite hobby or interest. Is your trucking buddy an avid fisherman? Do a search for best fishing lures and find one that is unique. A gift certificate to have a prize catch mounted would be appreciated too. Does your loved one enjoy a good read about American History? Indulge them in that simple pleasure with a new book. Does your driver enjoy woodworking? Get them a book to inspire creativity or a new tool they’ve been eyeing.


A few personal items for work can also be great gifts. A personalized keychain will remind them they are loved. A framed photo of the two of you together will be cherished for those hours away from home. A gift certificate to a restaurant and a promise to go together will give the driver something to look forward to during their home time. 



We would love to know what gifts you’ve received over the years that have made life on the road a bit easier. Comment on our Facebook Page or in the comments section below.


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