Handy Items to Carry in Your Truck

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Monday, April 16, 2018


As a truck driver, you may be faced with unexpected events from time to time that require you to use your resources and initiative to meet the challenge and keep rolling. Unfortunately, without resources, initiative can only get you so far. In addition to a standard set of tools and some commonly replaced spare parts, here are some handy items to keep in your truck to help you deal with whatever the road sends your way.


The many uses of Duct Tape are well known.  If you only have room for 1 roll of tape, it should should be Duct Tape and preferably transparent Duct Tape (transparent Duct Tape works really well when attaching a Hazmat Placard to the sides and ends of your trailer).  If you have the space, keep a roll each of regular Duct Tape, transparent Duct Tape and electrical tape.

Windshield De-Icer

In harsh, cold winter climates, unexpected storms can leave windshields and locks coated with ice. If you drive in places where frosty winter weather is common, keep a can of windshield de-icer in your truck to help you quickly deal with icy windshields and locks before they become a bigger problem.

Zip Ties

Compact, easy to use, inexpensive, and available in a variety of sizes, zip ties are a great resource for those times when you need to secure a cable or make a simple, temporary repair to keep you on the road. Make sure you have a good stock in a variety of sizes on hand to meet any need.

Utility Knife and Spare Blades

Under the wrong circumstances a good sharp knife can make the difference between driving and waiting. This seems like a no-brainer, but small tools tend to have a way of disappearing at the worst possible times. Before you head out, make sure you have a utility knife and spare blades in a place where you can easily find them when you need them.

Waterless Hand Cleaner and Shop Towels

Emergency repairs can leave your hands greasy and you probably won’t have access to running water and soap when you make them. Keep some heavy duty waterless hand cleaner and a roll of shop towels in your truck to clean up after you get the job done.

Have some items that you keep handy to make the road smooth? Share with us in the comments below!