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Happy Birthday NTB Chaplain Ed McCarrick!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ed McCarrick

NTB would like to wish Ed McCarrick a very Happy 93rd Birthday! Ed has been with NTB for 19 years and has been a true lifeline to so many. Ed arrived at NTB, tasked with helping us with some insurance needs. But we quickly realized that he was a very special soul with many gifts to offer beyond helping us with insurance. When Ed would pass through the office, it would take him at least an hour as he would take time to talk and care for anyone and everyone he could reach. It was only after caring for others that he could get to the next task at hand -- insurance.

Ed’s impact on people has always been evident. Many staff would light up just seeing him, but everyone glowed after a conversation with him. It became very clear to us that his greater purpose was in helping others. It was then that NTB decided to create the Chaplain position for him to fulfill this need. He has been with us for 19 years and has touched so many lives.  So many families and loved ones within the NTB family have been guided to better places through Ed’s work. He is a true lifeline to many.

We are so honored to have Ed as part of the NTB family and wish him a Happy Birthday. Please visit our FaceBook or Google+ page and share your stories about Ed.