Healthy Tips to Remain Alert While Behind the Wheel

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Whether you’re driving for an extended period of time, driving overnight, or both, there’s nothing more important than making sure you remain attentive behind the wheel. And while some people enjoy singing or playing games, there are definitely other tried and true methods for staying awake on the road.


Here are helpful tips to keep you awake, alert, and making good decisions behind the wheel:


Get Quality Sleep

The best way to avoid falling asleep on the road is to make sure that you’re not driving while behind on sleep in general. Always make sure to get enough rest in the lead up to your extended or overnight driving and there’s no shame in pulling off at a rest stop to take a 20-30 minute power nap to recharge when necessary.


Stay Hydrated

Though it seems counterintuitive, drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is key to staying awake. Dehydration makes you feel tired. Drinks like coffee and soda give you an initial boost but in the long run only help to make the dehydration process that much quicker.


Eat a Healthy Snack

It’s always tempting to grab something sugary, but the truth is that once your sugar buzz wears off, you’re left groggier than you originally were. Eating items like nuts, yogurt, or fresh fruit help to provide more natural, longer lasting energy.


So next time you’re spending all night behind the wheel or driving for double digit hours, keep the aforementioned tips in mind. Because regardless of what you’re driving or where you’re headed, NTB Trucking wants all drivers to be safe and courteous of others while out on the open road.