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Henry Schwarz Featured at SAF-Holland

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

SAF-Holland is a company whose legacy started in 1881. Through this long history, they’ve built a reputation of outstanding work in coupling, lifting, and suspension systems for trucks, buses, tractors, and trailers. Henry Schwarz, CEO of NTB, was recently featured in the 2013 SAF-Holland Annual Report to discuss NTB and our partnership with SAF-Holland.

The report states, “NTB Inc. has concentrated on high quality services for customers in the USA for 40 years. Its partnership with SAF-HOLLAND has also proved successful over many years. Henry Schwarz, President of NTB, discusses the importance of innovative products and technical solutions.”

In the interview, Henry discusses NTB’s values, including the drive to use advanced technologies for our trucks, trailers, and other components so that they can be functional and low-cost with easy integration across systems. Henry also shared how safety is a top priority and guides NTB in everything that we do. Lastly, the interview covered sustainability and ways that NTB is moving forward more efficiently to reduce environmental harm as much as possible. “The area that is seldom involved in discussions related to the environment is improvements in ergonomics resulting from modern technologies, which improve the drivers’ working conditions, reduce driver fatigue and yield safety benefits,” Henry said.

The NTB fleet is equipped with fifth wheels as well as axle and suspension systems made by SAF-Holland. We’re grateful to work with SAF-Holland, and to have this opportunity to share our values with them.

To view the entire article in the 2013 SAF-Holland Annual Report, click here.