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Think Safety: How Alert Are You?

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Here is a list of questions to help determine if you are too fatigued to drive. 

  • Can you remember the last mile you drove? 
  • Do you recall the last milepost marker you passed? 
  • Have you been tailgating? 
  • Are you changing lanes frequently for no apparent reason? 
  • Are you driving slowly in the high speed lane? 
  • Are you driving fast in the slow lane? 
  • Did you roll down your window for some fresh air? 
  • In the last hour, did you calculate the exact time that you would be back home? 
  • Are you constantly shifting in your seat? 
  • Are the “4-wheelers” getting on your nerves? 
  • Did you forget to turn off your turn signals from the last lane change? 
  • Can you remember the color of the last warning sign? 
  • Can you remember the color of the last 4-wheeler that passed you? 
  • Are oncoming headlights bothering you? 
  • Are you driving on the roadway striping (white lines)? 
  • Are you braking for no apparent reason? 
  • Are your eyes watery and red (bloodshot)? 
  • Are you unable to focus clearly? 
  • Are you unusually difficult to get along with, cranky, irritable? 

If you answered four or more of these questions with a “yes,” then you are starting to experience a mental condition of “declining alertness”. When this happens, you are not as responsive to events happening around you. A situation could develop rapidly that you will not be able to correct or deal with. Make sure that you can focus and stay alert while driving!