June is Bustin’ Out All Over

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Monday, June 1, 2020

If the title didn’t make you want to break out into song to the tune of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s summer welcoming melody, this warm weather we’ve had in the Midwest sure will! Here at NTB Trucking headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it feels like we went straight from winter’s brutal cold to summer’s warm breezes and lush trees, skipping over spring entirely!

Overcoming Summer Driving Challenges: Hydration, Sunshine, and Construction
NTB drivers will certainly be seeing some very hot days as we move freight this summer. Staying hydrated during the summer heat helps keep a clear mind, maintain a healthy body temperature, and can chase away sleepiness while driving. Water is the number one way to hydrate, but fresh fruit, flavored carbonated water, and iced tea are thirst-quenching alternatives that get fluids into your system when taking another swallow of plain water just won’t cut it. 

Bright sun can certainly cause eye fatigue. Investing in a good pair of polarized sunglasses can help cut the glare during sunrise and sunset. When the sun is overhead, drop that sunvisor to create a shade like a hat with a brim would. Pro-tip: a clean windshield goes a long way in eliminating spots and smudges that are even more distracting in glaring sun. 

Construction slow downs and vacationers on the road are much more prevalent during the summer. As annoying as it can be, keep your cool when traffic is heavy. Remember that it’s all part of the job and well maintained roads make driving that much safer. 

Longer Days 
While it’s true that summer driving brings its own challenges when compared to the ice and snow of winter, it goes without saying that the longer hours of daylight, warm breezes, and the sight of green trees against a clear blue sky offers a positive feeling no matter what’s going on in the world.

The summer solstice on June 21 marks the one day of the year with the most hours of daylight. We will see 15 hours and 17 minutes of light that day. Compare that to the winter solstice, when we see just over 9 hours of daylight. According to an article on Pro Con, “Longer daylight hours make driving safer, lowers car accident rates, and lowers the risk of pedestrians being hit by a car.” All good reasons to love these longer days! Add to that the benefit of getting more Vitamin D and we are thinking summer is the best!

Many of us love living in the Midwest because of its four distinct seasons. Changes between seasons are even more evident when witnessed from the driver’s seat. Tell us what you love about summer driving in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.


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