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Keeping Your Social Life Alive and Well as a Truck Driver

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Monday, September 30, 2019


It’s no secret that a career on the road will keep a person away from home, family, and friends more than some other jobs might. While this is simply a reality of the day, we at NTB 

Trucking understand the value of work-life balance.


To ensure you do not sacrifice family time and your social life, we guarantee 2 days—with a minimum of 48 hours—home time for the same consecutive days every single week. 


Outside of your regular days off, here are some ways you can maximize your time with your family and friends while you are working:


Optimize Your Home Time

Taking a break or waiting for a load? Take a couple minutes to shoot a quick text or make a phone call to one of your favorite people.


Suggest to your spouse or significant other that one of your evenings home be date night. Ask them to book a sitter for the kids and tell them you’ll come up with a place to have a nice dinner or go for a hike. If they know you thought of it while you were away, that is all the more meaningful. 


When you’re done driving for the day, call or text your kids to ask them to pick out their favorite bedtime stories for the nights you’ll be home, which will give them something to look forward to that is just for you and them. If they are too old for a bedtime story, ask them to pick one of their favorite activities they’d like to do with you. Need some suggestions? Play some hoop, toss a baseball, go fishing, or go get donuts and cider followed by pumpkin carving. 


A driver needs their friends too. Make a plan with a few to hang out on your next night home—euchre or poker night, a little 9 ball, or burgers on the grill are just a few ideas to get you started. 


Then, act on it. Be present when you are home. Take the time to connect with the important people in your life. This will keep those relationships thriving.


Pick Up a Small Souvenir or Mail a Postcard

At the next truckstop, take a few minutes to find a postcard. Make a quick note on it and stick it in the mail. Your loved ones will be thrilled to get actual mail from you. I mean, who even does that anymore? Seems pretty novel, right? 


In lieu of a postcard, many truck stops have some novelty items that will let your loved ones, especially children, know that you thought of them while you were away. A little something that represents the area you were driving through will give them a momento that not only will let them know you thought of them, but will make them think of you every time they look at it. Even if that little something is as simple as their favorite candy bar—that is, if it can make it all the way home!



We would love to know how you stay connected with family and friends in the comments below. 

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