Know Your Truck’s Dimensions

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Monday, July 30, 2018

If you don’t want to be the person with a wedged truck under an overpass, you must know the dimensions of your truck and trailer. NTB Trucks are 13' 6" tall by 8' 6" wide.


Marked Signs

Most overpasses, construction zones, and other areas with restricted dimensions are marked with a height and/or width. These signs give truck drivers the signal to proceed along their route, enter with caution, or stay out which is important for driver and truck safety.


Mismarked Signs

Unfortunately, some posted signs can be outdated. Ask yourself, “Does it look like an old sign on a newly paved road?” This can be a warning sign. Look a the shoulder of the road to see if the new asphalt is at the same level as the old asphalt. If the new asphalt is higher than the old asphalt, the sign could be outdated and you may not fit.


Unmarked Signs

Unmarked spots are rare but they happen, especially in smaller towns. One option is for you to call the police for height information. Another option is to pull over before you get to the overpass. Don’t wait until you get there, or get stuck, to check it out and see how tall the trailer is compared to the bridge.


Warnings and Tips

  • Packed snow and ice can cause the road to be higher for clearance.
  • The weight of your load can drop trailer height in comparison to when you’re carrying a light or empty load.
  • When these situations arise and it may be a tight squeeze, crawl slowly through the space so you can stop when a problem arises without causing much damage to your trailer, or the bridge.


Sticky Situations

If you made a mistake and are stuck in a sticky situation, the best thing to do is call the local police department for assistance. When there is traffic, do not take on the task of getting your trailer backed out of the situation alone. Be aware of the signs, use your best judgement, and play it safe.


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