Latest updates for Pleasant Prairie – Meijer DC 872

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Monday, June 16, 2014

NTB trucksNon-Meijer drops (NTKE) – Effective immediately, we will begin dropping non-Meijer loads in the Meijer bull-pen. These loads should be put in the northeast corner of the bullpen. Drivers are asked not to bring non-Meijer loads into the complex.

Breaks – Just a reminder, if you’re going on break, please break at NTPP (maintenance area). Park in the tractor parking area in the northeast corner of the complex past the fuel island.

Fuel update – We are getting close to having the fuel island up and operational. We hope it will be set within two weeks. Watch for a Peoplenet message when this is active. Until that time, please use authorized fuel stops as much as possible. In an emergency, fuel at the T/A in Russell, IL, but know that this is for emergencies only, and only until the Pleasant Prairie fuel island is running.

We appreciate everything that our staff and drivers are doing to help make this new growth possible for NTB. Thank you everyone for your care and attention as we go through these transitions!