Lunch Ideas for Truckers

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Monday, March 26, 2018


The midday meal provides a great chance for you to get out of your cab and stretch your legs. However, eating out all the time while on the road is hard on your wallet and your waistline! If you take advantage of a cooler or an in-cab refrigerator, you can provide yourself an easy, healthy meal in less time and cost than you might think! Here are some of our favorites:


Pre-cut fruits and veggies

Just because you are on the road without a knife to chop things doesn’t mean you can’t still get your “five-a-day!”


Pre-grilled meats

Protein keeps you full longer, meaning you won’t reach for a snack as quickly while on your next stretch of miles.


Single-serve salad kits

We all know salads are a healthy option, and this convenience makes it much easier to make it a lunchtime choice.


Precooked grains

Rice and quinoa are the most commonly available options. Pair with your grilled meat and some veggies for a well-balanced lunch.


Nuts, energy bars, and hard boiled eggs

These are more easy options for protein.


Single serve, resealable olives

These provide a different option than your regular veggies.


Single-serve yogurt, milk, and string cheese

An easy way to get your calcium and additional protein.


What’s your lunchtime favorite? Leave your comments below!