New to Truck Driving? These Three Apps You Need to Have

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Monday, February 20, 2017

In today’s world, there is pretty much an app for everything, including truck driving. Let’s go over some of the top revolutionary apps that are designed to make your life easier as a truck driver.

Trucker Path Maps—Truck Stops and Weigh Stations    

Truck Stops is one of the most used trucking apps out there. I am sure you know that feeling where you are absolutely parched and it seems like there is no stop in miles. This app uses your location to tell you exactly where the next truck stop will be, along with info for each stop nearby. It also includes parking availability and weigh station hours near you.

Waze Social GPS       

Waze is like Google Maps, but better. It uses a community mapping system with real-time info on traffic, accidents, cops, gas, and more. Just download the app and you are already contributing to the Waze community with your own driving conditions. The best thing about Waze is that if there is an accident or traffic jam, it gives you alternate routes to get out of there, helping to save you time and get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

Around Me   

Around Me uses your location to give you info on your surroundings. Whether you need a hotel, quick bite to eat, gas station, or bank, Around Me gives you quick and updated info as you drive.

Check out these three apps on your next trip!