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NTB is a Great Company to Work for and Here’s Why

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Monday, December 7, 2020

NTB believes family comes first and we live that belief every day by making sure your family can be your top priority even as a truck driver. We also believe that your time is valuable, so we take steps to keep you moving and on the road.


What Is Family?

What an odd question, right? Not really. Some truck drivers have a spouse and maybe a couple of kids they go home to, while others have parents and siblings who make up their family unit, and others consider their friend group their family. Regardless of how you define your family, we all have a select group of people or even one person who we are closest to. They are those who know the good, the bad, and the beauty about us.


At NTB, we consider ourselves a big work family. We are here to support and to encourage each other. We believe that your time away from work is valuable, whether that time is spent with loved ones or simply to catch up with chores and good rest. This is why we guarantee the same two days off every week for our regional workers, and largely why we have started a home daily driver initiative. 


NTB believes drivers and their families should have the ability to receive excellent health care, so we offer access to an affordable benefits package for medical, dental, optical, and life insurance. Feeling secure about how you and your family can receive good care is a big step toward maintaining a peaceful frame of mind.


How Does NTB View Your Time?

Time is money. Yes, it’s an old, well-used saying, but in truck driving, it bears repeating. We believe you should not need to worry about downtime on the road, so we have high maintenance standards for the tractors and trailers we provide to our drivers. At NTB, the drivers do not need to do their own repairs because we have a highly-skilled maintenance team who keeps the trucks in tip-top shape. Your safety on the road is a top priority for us.


More Pros About Working for NTB

We believe a driver should be familiar with the truck they drive. Each of our full-time regional drivers is assigned his or her own truck. Familiarity makes for a more comfortable, safer experience. The cab is, after all, home for five out of seven days of the week. 


From the training period to solo driving, NTB always offers support to its employees. If things aren’t going quite as planned, we’ve got your back. When one driver realized he had left his CPAP mask at the terminal and couldn’t sleep well without it, he was routed back to the terminal for his next run and was able to enjoy good rest for the remainder of his workweek. We take our employee’s needs seriously and when we can accommodate them, we will.


Add to all of the above the driver incentives for holiday pay, a 401k retirement plan with a 10% match, and a generous paid time off policy, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better company to drive for.


NTB is a company that cares about its employees:  Apply to drive with NTB

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