NTB Recruiter Feature Story—Dale!

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

NTB has several recruiters that are not only familiar with the trucking industry, but also lived it for many years! One of our very own, Dale Arnold, was a truck driver for 5 years before moving into a recruitment position. Within his 5 years on the road, Dale estimates that he drove around 500,000 miles.


Dale speaks very highly of the trucking industry and his time as a driver. One of his favorite parts of being a driver was meeting new people, and having the ability to see new parts of the country.


We strive to hire recruiters who have a deep understanding for the trucker lifestyle, as well as being completely invested in helping others and changing lives. Dale fits this role to perfection. His driver background not only gives him a competitive edge, he is also able to relate to the drivers and the challenges they face.


When asked how his former driver experience has helped him with recruiting new drivers, Dale replied, “It helped me to understand what a driver will go through while on the road. The more I know will help me explain exactly what they will be doing as a driver.”


Going on his 17th year at NTB, Dale says that he admires the company because of its family caring atmosphere and its strides to show that they do truly care about their people. Dale did not always work at NTB however, and shared with us how he feels NTB differs from other truck companies.


“In this industry companies are saying what they think the driver wants to hear to get them to come aboard, which isn’t always the truth,” he explained. “At NTB we do a one-on-one interview where we put everything we talked about in writing. We also have one of the best hometime programs in the industry, with a written guarantee for no less than 48 hours off at home per week.”


It’s people like Dale, who are passionate about the industry, that make NTB a great company.. If you are interested in speaking to Dale about a position, check out our form online or call today!