NTB’s Break Reminders

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has several regulations for drivers in order to promote safe, productive drives. One of which is the 30 minute break period that all drivers are required to take.

This break period is to be taken before his or her 8th hour of coming on duty. During this time, a driver is not allowed to do any work, which includes dropping or hooking trailers, searching for trailers, customer interactions, etc.

NTB suggests that drivers take this 30 minute rest period between the 6th and 8th hours of their shift, in order to eliminate the need for a second break. It is extremely important to make sure to plan this break ahead of time, so that drivers do not find themselves in a situation where the break needs to be taken at an inconvenient time. If possible, drivers should take their break while waiting for a customer for optimum efficiency.

Planning out the break will not only make the day more productive for NTB, but it will make a driver’s day more productive as well. Productivity does not mean rushing to get the job done, but it means getting the job done in a safe, efficient manner.

Keep these tips in mind on your next drive! Interested in finding more about the NTB team? Contact us today.