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NTB’s Summer Driving Tips

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Everyone loves the summer season and the nice warm weather it brings. When you’re part of the trucking industry, you realize that this is also an important time of year as far as highway traffic and road conditions are concerned. That’s why it’s important to consider and remember these key tenets to properly prepare yourself for summer driving.


Use Sunscreen

Even though you’re inside the cab of a truck, you still manage to catch sun rays on the hottest and brightest of days. Lasting skin damage or funky tan lines aren’t worth the risk when throwing on some sunscreen is so quick and easy.


Take Caution in Work Zones

Summer is always accompanied by a ton of roadway construction and repairs. And with that comes construction workers and heavy machinery, so keep your head on a swivel when passing through these areas and watch for and abide by all posted signage.


Properly Inflate Tires

Extreme heat can cause lots of truck related issues, which includes tire blowouts. That’s why it’s paramount to keep your tires properly inflated, as under inflated tires tend to blowout most often.


Track the Weather

Whether you get it by TV, newspaper, or smartphone, make sure to keep an eye on weather conditions and predictions for anywhere you’ll be driving. Summer brings severe weather ranging from rain and flooding to tornadoes and wind storms, all of which affect highway driving.


Watch Out for Additional Drivers

More people are on the road during the summer than in any other season. And because of that, there will be more folks you need to keep an eye on and account for in order to make it to and from your destination safely. Make sure to always use all your mirrors and signal properly.


When all is said and done, the best way to beat the driving related pitfalls of summer is to drive defensively and be considerate of the other drivers around you.


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