Pre-Holiday Pay – Get a Bit of Extra Mileage in Your Paycheck

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Monday, December 2, 2019


Christmas is coming! Giving makes the season feel warmer in the Midwest, and it’s always easier to spend a little time and give a little more with a few extra dollars in your paycheck. That’s why NTB offers pre-holiday bonus pay for both our part-time and full-time drivers!


Why Would a Company Pay More?

From the 4th of July to Christmas, and for other major holidays, stores need to be continuously well-stocked for increased demand from consumers. Ahead of each holiday, we need our drivers to put in additional miles to fulfill our commitment to our customers. In addition to the increase in pay over 2,200 miles/week incentive, NTB offers pre-holiday bonus pay to drivers—up to an additional $0.20 per mile for every mile driven by full-time drivers over 2,200. 


Which Holidays?

While incentive pay isn’t offered for every holiday, we keep an eye on anticipated need from our clients ahead of each major holiday and act accordingly. Our drivers benefit from this with bigger paychecks!


How Should I Spend It?

We’re the farthest thing from financial advisors but wanted to remind you of some options for your well-earned money.


Of course, enjoying the coming holiday with your own purchases will be really nice with a bit of extra income. For Christmas, you may want to buy special gifts for those you love. Once you have enjoyed today, perhaps think about investing for the future. 


Even starting small, opening up a retirement plan will ensure that you can retire. Roth IRAs can be started with as little money as you want or can afford to do. Once it’s started, chip away at it a bit at a time and you may be surprised at how much you have saved in just a year. If you open a retirement account while you are young and add to it when you can, over the years you may have a substantial nest egg to retire on.


Save up for a large purchase, such as a house. If you would like to put your money into a non-retirement account for a nearer-in-the-future expense, consider either a savings account or some safe stock investments which can grow your wealth.  



Thoughts on how you’ll use your incentive pay? Share them in the comments section to give others ideas on wise spending.


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