Preparing for the Future – Episode II

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

In our recent inaugural issue of our “Generation Next – Preparing for the Future” blog, we shared about NTB’s upcoming investment of McLoed Software that will drive our technology in the upcoming years. Many that we have shared the new features with are very excited to get their hands on this new software. The many new features will greatly ease our overall work flow.

Regretfully though, software development of this magnitude does take quite a bit of time. Nonetheless, we have some exciting milestones in the process to announce (well, exciting if you’re a “Geek”).

First of all, we began on June 5th to load the McLeod Software. This sounds like a fairly straight forward occurrence. I mean we have all loaded software before. But get this, just the base program took three days of active oversite to install. And that does not include the add on modules that have also been purchased. Then there is all the program set up after that. Our IT Department will be very busy coordinating the install and setup for NTB. The awesome thing is that the process has officially started. Thanks for your labors IT!!!

Our second step forward is that we have contracted a company called EFS to take over our fuel and credit card management. As you know, Comdata has been providing these services for at least the last two decades and they have served us adequately during that time. Nonetheless, EFS is simply outperforming Comdata in developing features for our modern world. Some of those features are as follows:

  1. Once we get onto the new McLeod system, all fuel card set up, pump overrides, employee advances and the like will be managed directly from the new McLeod software. No more taking the time to go to the website and coordinate. What a great time saver!
  2. For drivers, we are yet to finalize the process, but it looks like we will be able to simplify the fueling transaction a bit.
  3. For data quality, there are some really cool real time cross checks on such items as mileage and vehicle numbers with information in dispatch. Most Excellent!
  4. The final item I will share is that of security. As some of you may have experienced, when fraud hits your credit card, it is not fun. Thankfully, EFS has developed additional security items in their system that allow for a greatly reduced risk of loss. A good thing for any credit card holder.