Safety is Our G.O.A.L

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

This is an NTB reminder for all drivers to “Get Out and Look.”


What is G.O.A.L?

If you've never heard of the phrase “Get Out and Look,” it means exactly what it says. Trucks have blind spots on all sides, so the only way to ensure you know your trucks position is to get out of the truck and look. This procedure is especially important when backing up.


Who should do it?

Whether you are a recent CDL graduate or 20 years into your career, blind spots are blind spots. If you can’t see where you truck is in comparison to its surroundings, take a look for yourself and survey the situation before tackling it.


When is G.O.A.L important?

NTB encourages all drivers to “Get Out and Look” prior to attempting a difficult maneuver, especially backing up. This standard procedure is the best way to avoid accidents.

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