Safety Tips for Holiday Travel

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

With the holiday season in full swing, truck drivers need to be especially cautious with added travelers on the roads. According to the American Trucking Association, there will be over 90 million people driving on the roads this holiday season.

The first thing that should be done to ensure your safety is prepare your truck for the season. Make sure to check all of your fluid levels and refill if necessary. Also, check to see that your wiper blades are working properly before you start your trip. Tires can lose pressure in the winter months due to the cold, so also pay close attention to tire pressure. These maintenance checks on your truck can prevent you from having to pull over during the busy holiday season.

Another tip to making sure you are safe this holiday season is to familiarize yourself with your route. Because there are added travelers for the holidays, there are added distracted drivers on the road. People may not know where they are going and can cut off other drivers to make their exit in time, which can cause an accident if you are not paying full attention. To combat this, make sure you know where you are going so you can be focused on the road and avoid distracted holiday drivers.

Drive responsibly this holiday season with these tips in mind! Many drivers do not understand how to share the road with trucks, so make sure to take this into consideration and be patient for the holidays.

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