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Spring and Summer Traffic Conditions

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Monday, April 28, 2014

It looks like winter has finally let go and spring is here. We all know that driving this winter with the ice and record-breaking snow was extremely stressful, especially for commercial drivers. With the warm weather and nice days coming, we still need to be aware of several situations and road conditions that can be dangerous and deserve as much focus as you would give winter driving. Spring and summer bring on their own challenges and opportunities for danger.  

Spring and summer will challenge you with:

  • potholes
  • drivers unfamiliar to the area
  • construction
  • bright sun
  • detours
  • strong rain and storms
  • road closures
  • and the ever-present orange barrels! 

Traffic will increase with more tourists and new drivers on the roads. In town, more children will be out when school is done. Don’t drop your guard just because the weather has improved—there are still many challenges that you face as a professional driver. Stay alert, avoid distractions, anticipate situations, slow down early, and watch out for the other vehicles.

NTB drivers are protective, professional, and courteous. Safety is our #1 priority!