Spring Cleaning

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Monday, April 2, 2018

The task you’ve been dreading has arrived—spring cleaning! All winter the level of trash in your truck has slowly increased. We have a few spring cleaning tips and tricks you’ll need so you can get back on the road.

Salt Stains

The snow may be gone but the salt stains in your truck aren’t. While the purpose of salt is to prevent accidents on the road, it’s a complete disaster for your truck’s interior.

Tip: Begin by vacuuming any leftover salt that is sitting in the interior of your truck. Next, dampen a clean cloth with cool water and rub affected surfaces to remove any remaining road salt. Be careful not to damage the surface by scrubbing with too much pressure.


Your truck also happens to be your dining room which means it’s that much more important to thoroughly clean. After eating a sandwich, most people remember to throw away the wrapper but it's easy to forget the crumbs left behind. Crumbs are small but mighty and can sit between the seats and other hard to reach places. Over time, crumbs will decompose – feeding bacteria which can lead to a stench. This makes them a top priority during your spring cleaning routine.

Tip: Before taking out the vacuum, try using a compressed air duster to reach the places your hand can’t. A toothbrush is another tool that will help loosen the crumbs stuck in the cracks of your seat. Once the crumbs are free, it will be much easier to vacuum them up along with other dirt and debris.

Cup holders

Cup holders are always a sticky situation. All it takes is a bump in the road and your cup is sitting in a puddle of your favorite refreshment. This year, don’t forgot to clean out your cup holder with a vacuum and then follow up with a cleaner to remove the stickiness.

Trick: Cupcake liners! Throw a cupcake liner in your cup holder. The next time your drink spills or you notice junk buildup, replace it with a new one. With this tip, next year's spring cleaning list will have one less task to check off.

Have a trick up your sleeve? Leave your spring cleaning tips in the comments below.