Steer Clear of Road Rage

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Monday, June 3, 2019

We’ve all seen or experienced road rage incidents, and we therefore know how dangerous things are when someone is actively trying to start a high speed fight with their vehicle. While there are a ton of ways to escalate things if you ever find yourself in one of these predicaments, there are far safer and more prudent options you should absolutely put into practice.


1. Prevent Road Rage:  The best way to avoid roadway anger and aggression, is by doing your best to prevent it in the first place. By driving defensively and considerately of others, there’s no reason or opportunity for another driver to get angry with you.


2. Don’t Reciprocate: Sure, that other driver may be flipping you off and driving aggressively, but that doesn’t mean you have to respond in kind. Matching the other driver’s anger only makes everyone involved angrier and the situation worse. You’re far better off just completely ignoring the other driver and any attempts they might make to provoke a response.


3. Give Them Right of Way: No matter who is “right,” always yield the right of way to an aggressive driver. It will de-escalate the situation by giving the other driver an easy out, mitigate the appearance that you’re angry and/or becoming angrier, and show that you’re bigger than this highway squabble.


The bottom line is that NTB Trucking cares about the safety of motorists, truck drivers, and anyone else who uses public roadways. By avoiding and de-escalating road rage incidents we can keep everyone on the road and headed to their final destination. To learn more about NTB Trucking, what our company stands for, and how we do business, check out our website for more information.