Sustainability in Trucking

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Monday, September 28, 2020

In a world where the importance of watching our consumption of non-renewable resources has become more recognized, NTB does its part by being a SmartWay Transport participant. We believe that to be good stewards of the earth, we must take care of it.

A Little History

Over the past few centuries, there have been three industrial revolutions. The first recognized industrial revolution started in about 1740 and lasted through the early 1800s. It included the advent of new manufacturing processes in Europe and the United States. Steam power became more efficient and the use of steam engines for industrial purposes increased.

The use of petroleum products grew during the second industrial revolution which took place from 1870 to about 1914. Freight was still moved largely by train, but speed in movement of goods was starting to pick up. 

Between the second and third industrial revolutions the world began to see a problem with smog. In July of 1943, Los Angeles experienced a smog event so bad that residents thought the Japanese were attacking with chemical warfare. The increased usage of coal, along with heavy emissions from trucks, buses, and cars in the 1950s caused such thick smog that it began to cause health issues in large urban areas around the world. Smog in England got so bad in December of 1952 that 4,000 people died. 

With the third industrial revolution came research and biotechnology, bringing about cleaner burning fuels and better ways of using them.


How Have Environmental Concerns Been Addressed?

Since trucking became the main source of moving goods, many measures have been taken to improve the environmental impact of the use of fossil fuels. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency was created with the task of cleaning up some of the problems created by a fast-growing world. 

“Over forty years of clean air policies have improved air quality and improved the health of Americans, and the environment. Since 1970, EPA has set and implemented emissions standards to control pollution from everything from passenger vehicles, heavy duty trucks and buses, construction and farm equipment, locomotive and marine engine and even lawn and garden equipment.  These standards are a critical part of the progress and improved air quality we have achieved despite increased economic activity and more miles traveled on average per person.” ~EPA Website


How Does NTB Work to Help the Environment?

NTB is a Smartway Transport participant. By using good technology and maintaining our trucks responsibly, NTB helps contribute to a better tomorrow.

Our website states it best:

“Companies that participate in SmartWay Transport programs save money, reduce fuel use, and are recognized as leaders in creating ecologically smart transportation. A SmartWay Partnership indicates real efforts to improve our air quality for future generations.”

NTB works to improve fuel economy in the following ways:

  • Preventive maintenance with alignments to improve fuel economy and reduce tire wear. 
  • Use of aerodynamic equipment to improve fuel economy. 
  • Utilizing low rolling resistance tires. 
  • Using auxiliary solutions to reduce idling. 
  • Optimization software to reduce wasted miles. 
  • Optimized power trains to improve fuel economy. 

What Steps Can a Driver Take?

Just how can any driver work to reduce how much of these precious resources they use? 

Using an app, like Fuelly or Auto Care, can simplify knowing just how your driving habits affects your miles per gallon. It still takes time and a certain amount of discipline, but learning good habits can help. If you are interested in tracking and reducing your usage of fossil fuels, make one change at a time to see just how much each adjustment helps.

Simple steps, such as getting up to a high, but not maximum, speed and maintaining it can reduce your use of fuel. Coasting to stop signs and lights also saves fuel. Shutting off the engine when at all possible is an obvious way to decrease consumption of diesel. 


Give us a comment below or on our Facebook Page to tell us what you do to help the environment. 

Psalm 24:1: "The Earth is the Lord's and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it". We are proud to be good stewards of the earth."

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