Tax Deductions for Truck Drivers

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Monday, March 19, 2018


Tax season is rapidly approaching. Did you know that as a truck driver you are entitled to quite a few tax deductions? Double check our list to make sure you are keeping track of these items so you benefit from every deduction available!



Up to $59 per day in the U.S.



Anything you pay out of pocket that you’re not reimbursed for through your company.


Dues & License Fees

Any mandatory or trucking group dues. If you can prove any voluntary group dues are applicable to your job, they may also be eligible to write off. Any fees associated with maintaining your CDL are also deductible.



If you subscribe to a trucking industry newspaper or magazine, that cost is deductible.



Boots, gloves, hats, rain gear, safety glasses, uniforms, and sunglasses may all be written off. You may also deduct dry cleaning costs for your uniforms or protective clothing.


Personal Items

You may deduct the cost of items such as bedding, coolers, or calculators when they’re used for work-related reasons. Cleaning and office supplies also apply, as well as tools such as duct tape, hammers, and pliers.


Telephone/Internet Access

100% of the cost of a laptop or cell phone and up to 50% of internet and phone bills can be deducted.


Here are some things that you may not deduct:

  • Expenses that were reimbursed by your employer
  • Clothing that is adaptable to everyday wear
  • Commuting costs (tolls, gas, parking)
  • Home phone line
  • Interest on personal loans
  • Personal vacations

Please note that every tax situation is unique. For the best tax savings, be sure to consult your tax professional!