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Technology in the Truck: 5 ways NTB is keeping drivers safe, trucks moving, and operations smooth

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Monday, January 17, 2022

There are so many things professional CDL-A truck drivers must watch for and be aware of in the truck! It takes special skills, patience, and know-how to complete each trip safely, on time, and without a negative incident. That’s where technology in the truck can be a trucker’s best friend and NTB has the latest on board for supporting our driving force.

Forward cameras: NTB has begun adding forward-facing cameras to our training protocol. As they become more commonly used, these forward-facing (not driver-facing) cameras will help to defend the fleet and our drivers in case of collisions and potential phony insurance claims. Forward-facing dash cams can be vital in resolving liability issues when incidents occur and provide opportunities for driver coaching on road awareness. If a collision occurs in the rear or side of the vehicle, forward-facing dash cams can often still resolve liability by showing the driver as alert, focused, and maintaining control of the vehicle.

Electronic Logging Devices:  ELDs are pretty well known throughout the industry now, but it’s important to remember their purpose is to electronically track and record commercial truck drivers’ hours of service to ensure drivers are operating within the requirements and restrictions set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We want all of our NTB drivers to be safe and legal! NTB’s ELDs also serve as a GPS and a data transmission tool. Drivers have an app they can download to their smartphone to avoid manually recording lengthy pickup or delivery information.

Dynamic Routing: NTB drivers use a dynamic navigation app to plan the fastest and safest routes. This system not only helps NTB reduce overall fuel and operating costs, but it also contributes to better working conditions for our drivers. For example, it allows drivers to avoid low bridges and truck-restricted roads. It also plans trips that are optimized for their vehicle, load, and number of stops on their route. It is designed to be non-distracting in the cab, while providing real-time traffic information to avoid potential delays.

Trailer Tracking: NTB’s trailers have satellite tracking that enables us not only to see where our trailers are, but also to monitor temperatures of the reefers and if a dry van is empty or loaded. This gives NTB a cost-effective way to maintain customer and driver visibility, accurately right-size fleets, reduce time spent on yard hunts, and increase security with geofencing.

Looking ahead: NTB is always on the lookout for what’s best, what’s next, and what drivers need. Currently, we have trucks testing lane detection, assisted braking, and collision mitigation technology to see which system would be most beneficial for our fleet.

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