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How’s your CDL knowledge?

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Want to test your CDL knowledge? Here are some questions from a general knowledge practice test. Don’t scroll down too fast!

  1. What is the most important reason for doing a pre trip inspection?
  2. How many red reflective triangles that you should carry?
  3. When stopped on a hill, what is the proper procedure to start moving without rolling back?
  4. The CDL manual says you should look how far ahead while driving?
  5. If you double your speed, by how many times will your stopping distance need to increase?

Do you think you’ve got the answers? The practice test guide answers are below.


  1. Safety for yourself and other road users
  2. Three
  3. Partly engage the clutch before you take your right foot off the brake
  4. 12 to 15 seconds, at highway speeds it’s about a quarter of a mile
  5. Four times

How did you to? Those are pretty easy. If you’d like to do a full practice test, check out the 52 question General Knowledge Practice Test, or click on one of the specific areas tests on things like air brakes, Haz-Mat endorsements, and others.

NTB is growing and recruiting drivers Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and other parts of the Midwest. We’re looking for CDL-A drivers who are 21+ years-old with their Haz-Mat endorsement, and a good work history along with a good driving record. If you are a qualified professional truck driver or truck driving school graduate, we encourage you to submit an application or contact a recruiter today.

As always, thank you to our team of drivers for making safety your first priority!