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The Benefits of Working For a Trucking Company

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Monday, July 16, 2018

NTB is a trucking company that is currently hiring truck drivers for regional driving jobs. While being an owner operator has its own perks, working for a trucking company, like NTB, has a lot benefits.


No Start-up Costs

Aside from the cost of your CDL training, which NTB reimburses for apprentice drivers, there aren’t other hefty costs for starting a job with NTB. Become an NTB truck driver and you’re ready to drive with little or no additional costs. Whereas being an owner operator means making investments that could lead to debt.


No Working After Hours                      

Working for a company means you’re able to leave your worries with your truck at the terminal. At NTB, when you’re off the clock we mean it—you can count on us to take care of everything. This differs from being an owner operator, where driving is only part of the job. Being an owner operator includes keeping up with company paperwork and equipment, such as truck maintenance and bookkeeping tasks.


Your Free Time is Yours

Trucking companies, like NTB, have all the business details covered. No need to worry about keeping business up and running, all you need to do is drive safely and enjoy the ride. With tasks that reach beyond making deliveries, it can be difficult to separate work from free time when you’re an owner operator.


Your Money is Yours

As an NTB driver, your paycheck is yours. This means you aren’t responsible for using that money to make truck payments and repairs, or pay for oil changes, gas, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses that come along with being an owner operator.


Less Stress

With a steady income, time off, and no burden of running your own business, there will be less stress in your life than if you were an owner operator. It’s safe to say that settling into a job with a company, like NTB, who treats you well and pays you fairly is in your best interest.


Sound like a perfect fit for you? If so, apply today.