The Correct Ways to Handle an Aggressive Driver

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Monday, November 5, 2018

You’re never alone when you’re out on the open road. You’re constantly navigating through a slew of cars driven by everyone from novices to slow folks, distracted drivers to, worse yet, aggressive drivers.

While it’s easy to simply speed up and pass a slow driver, it’s not always easy to move beyond someone that is acting hostilely to you or drivers around you. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to defuse the situation and ensure everyone on the road remains safe.


Don’t Take Things Personally

Always take the high road, assume the best in other drivers, and be courteous and polite even if another driver is acting aggressively. Regardless of who’s in the wrong, avoid using hand signals, tailgating, or laying on your horn as this will only incite further aggressive driving or retaliation. Though sometimes this point is easier said than done, it is one of the best ways to stop these situations from escalating.


Slow Down or Pull Over

If an issue is potentially beginning or escalating, take yourself out of the equation entirely by moving to the right lane and slowing down or even pulling over entirely for a short period of time. This resolves the problem by letting the other driver “win,” letting you make your deliveries safely and on time.


Report Aggressive Drivers

Some states have a dedicated phone number for reporting dangerous or aggressive driving to local law enforcement, while other states, including Michigan, ask drivers to simply dial 9-1-1. Make sure to provide the authorities with valuable details about the other driver like vehicle make, model, and color as well as their license plate number if possible.


The bottom line is NTB Trucking wants all drivers to be safe and courteous while on the road. And though it can be tough to avoid run ins with aggressive drivers, the aforementioned tips will help you make the roads safer for you and those driving around you.