The Luxury of Drop and Hook

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Loading and unloading isn’t easy, nor is it particularly enjoyable. Most drivers don’t want to deal with having to physically load or unload when they arrive at their destination. That’s why NTB secures driver friendly freight that is 95% drop and hook and 99% no touch.  This means that NTB drivers don't have to physically unload their trailers after they have driven hours to arrive at their destination.


Time & Energy

NTB understands that loading and unloading takes time and energy. Every driver also knows that "when the wheels are turning" you're making more money.   At NTB, we make it a priority to keep our drivers moving with Drop & Hook freight.


Hazards & Injury

Regardless of the cargo you’re hauling, NTB knows that loading and unloading takes a lot of work and can be hard on the body. The risk of injury is something that NTB works hard at avoiding.  With Drop and Hook freight, these hazards and risks are no longer concerns for our drivers.


If you’re working for a trucking company that requires their drivers to load and unload cargo, you really need to consider switching to NTB. Apply today!