Three Ways to Keep Your Body From Becoming Stiff

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

During a long drive drive, you may feel your body become stiff. While we recommend that you take time to stretch during your 30 minute break, here are three exercises you can do while driving to prevent your body from becoming stiff and cramping up on the road.

1. Shoulder Shrugs

Shoulder shrugs target your upper back muscles, which often tense up quickly if you sit in the same position. To do these, sit straight and slowly move your shoulders up and down, repeating as many times as it takes to feel your muscles begin to loosen up. After you complete a few shoulder shrugs, make sure to also move your neck from right to left to release any tension there.

2. Half Body Twists

This exercise focuses on stretching your core. Start by sitting upright and twisting your upper body slightly to the right and then slightly to the left. This motion should be done as slow as possible, while continually facing forward.

3. Wrist Bends

After a few hours of driving, your wrists may feel like they are stiff from gripping the wheel for an extended period of time. To combat this, try bending your wrists forward or back as you carefully press them against the steering wheel. You should feel a gentle stretch that moves upward through your forearms.

Do you have a helpful stretch for driving that isn’t listed here? Be sure to drop any suggestions in the comments.

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