Tips to Fall Asleep Quicker OTR

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Monday, February 19, 2018

While on the road, drivers can sometimes have issues falling asleep quickly. Sleep is an essential part to preventing fatigued driving. We all hate the feeling of laying in bed restless unable to sleep, so here are our top ways to ensure your next night of sleep is a good one.

Block Light and Sound

This is one of the most important tips we have for falling asleep. Even at truck stops, outside noises and lights can make it difficult to fall asleep. We recommend blocking light with special curtains or an eye mask. Make sure to pick up some ear plugs to mute the unwanted noise too!

Put Electronics Away

The light emitted by your electronic devices, such as phones, laptops, and TVs, harm your quality of sleep. These devices can actually disrupt circadian rhythm because it suppresses your melatonin, a chemical that regulates our sleep patterns. To ensure you get the best sleep, stay off of your electronics right before bed.

Avoid Caffeine

Believe it or not, it takes the caffeine in your body about 4 to 6 hours to be eliminated. Even drinking coffee or a pop a few hours before bed will disrupt your sleep patterns! It is best to stay clear of all caffeinated beverages in general, but if you do consume them make sure it is not too close to your bedtime.

Muscle Relaxation

If you are still having difficulties sleeping, try progressive muscle relaxation. This can be a great way to release tension from a long day or if you can’t seem to get comfortable. All you have to do is gradually clench your muscles for 5-10 seconds, and then release. Start from your toes up—feet, calves, arms, and so on.

Let us know any other sleep tips you have while on the road in the comments!