Top Apps for Truck Drivers

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Last year, we posted about trucker apps that every driver needs to have on their phone. With technology growing everyday, there are even more apps now to add to the list! Here are some of NTB’s favorite new picks for this year.

Trucker Tools

This app has everything a truck driver needs while on the road, not to mention its completely free! Drivers can see real-time prices on fuel in any geographic area. In addition, they can search for 24 hour operations, truck stops, showers, and more by name, city, or even highway. This app also features a navigation system, real-time traffic information, and weather updates!


Triplog comes in handy tracking expenses. Because the IRS requires fleet managers and drivers to keep receipts for vehicle expenses over $75, a lot of these receipts can get lost over time. TripLog eliminates the paper aspect, where users can capture and upload their receipts into one handy place. The app can also track expenses for drivers and create reports that are compliant with the IRS rules to help truck drivers claim the most exemptions.

Fleetmatics Reveal

This app is another tracking tool that provides in-depth data on vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and other driver metrics. This can help drivers become more aware of their driving patterns, as well as help managers reduce operating costs and boost revenue. This program is not just an app, but can be used on computers too!

Use these apps to help your next trip go smoother!

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