Top Items to Keep in Your Truck This Winter

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The winter months can cause a number of problems for truckers. Winter driving is especially difficult because you will have to battle a combination of snow, ice, and high winds. Here are NTB’s top picks for survival items that you need to keep in your truck this winter!


Although some states will get more snow than others, the Midwest typically has pretty consistent snowfall. This being said, a great way to combat unexpected snowfalls is to keep a small shovel in your truck. This will save you time if your back tires get stuck in snow!

Ice Scraper and Snowbrush

In addition to a small shovel, tools to remove snow and ice are a necessity to keep in your truck this winter. Snow and ice can build up pretty quickly, so making sure your windshield is taken care of properly is a must.

Emergency Kit

An emergency kit will help ensure that you are prepared for any driving situation that may experience. This can include tools, first aid supplies, emergency batteries, etc. You can build your own emergency kit, or purchase one at a truck stop. In addition to a kit, you should make sure that you have jumper cables in your truck always, as the cold weather makes it harder for engines to start!

The winter months bring on more severe driving conditions, so make sure to keep these survival items in your truck to ensure a safe trip!

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