Top Ways To Save On Fuel

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Being a trucker means constantly being on the road, which also means having to make several stops to fill up the diesel tank. The amount of diesel fuel a truck uses depends on several factors: the condition of the truck, the type of traffic encountered, and the weather. Here are some tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Cruise Control

The use of cruise control can help save your fuel economy by giving your diesel tank an extra 6% boost. Not only does using the feature save fuel, but it can also reduce your engine wear. Cruise control is great to use for the open road during less busy hours and, if you use it right, it can save you a lot of unnecessary speed changes and braking.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

A truck that has a dirty exterior actually uses more fuel. Dirt, mud, and bugs can hurt the drag on your car (drag is how the vehicle passes through air) when driving long distances. Washing your truck regularly can actually increase your miles per hour and save you some extra money.

Fuel Apps

Last month, we featured a blog post on apps that are helpful for truck drivers to have on their phones. In addition to these apps, you can download saver apps. There are several of them out there, but some of our favorites are GasBuddy, AAA TripTik, Route4Me, and iGasUp. Each of these apps helps find the cheapest refueling stations near you!

Fill Up in the A.M.

While some schedules may interfere with filling up every morning, if you can, try to make a point to fill up as early as possible. The ground is the coolest in the morning, meaning the diesel fuel is denser. Buying fuel later in the day is not as beneficial, because it will be warmer and that means less fuel for your money.

Avoid Long Idling

While we love a warm truck that has been running for a few minutes—especially in the winter—long idling can actually contribute to a lot of wasted fuel. If you are stopping for a quick bite to eat while on the road, try going in instead of using the drive-through next time!