Traits of a Trucker

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Truck driving isn’t for everybody, but it could be for you. If you are interested in the transportation industry, enjoy being behind the wheel, and consider yourself reliable then you should consider a job with NTB.


You Are Interested in the Transportation Industry

At NTB, we believe having a passion for the industry you work in is important. Goods can be transported in many different ways, however trucking offers certain advantages other methods of transportation simply cannot provide. For instance, trucking provides a complete "door-to-door” service.


You Enjoy Being Behind the Wheel

NTB wants our drivers to feel comfortable and enjoy what they do. As a truck driver, the majority of your time will be spent on the road. Thus, we are looking for drivers who appreciate the joy driving gives, the exposure to beautiful scenery, and the experiences that come with being behind the wheel.


You Take Pride in Reliability

Part of the pride of NTB is the reliability we offer as a trucking service. However, the value of a great company is not in the brand alone, but in the sum of its parts. When looking for a dependable trucking service, it’s not just the company name that future clients look for, it's also the drivers. People depend on us to transport goods no matter the load, so having reliable truck drivers on our team is essential.

Are you finding that these traits describe you? NTB could be your next home. With benefits such as higher competitive rates per mile, paid holidays and vacation, and guaranteed home time, NTB may be the perfect fit. Visit our website for more information.