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Truck Drivers Deliver During the Holidays

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Monday, December 17, 2018

We all know about Santa, but truck drivers are the real reason the Holidays arrive on time. Behind the scenes and at the wheel, truck drivers nationwide work a little harder and a little longer to make sure that anything and everything Christmas related gets where it needs to go on time.


For reference, it is reported that the trucking industry moves a whopping 70.7% of the nation’s freight by weight, which more than dwarfs the amount of freight moved via rail (11.4%), water (6.1%), and air (0.1%) combined.


70.7% of the nation’s freight in turn equates to roughly 10.7 billion tons of freight transported by trucks annually. Though Santa must be busy right about now, when you do the math, the trucking industry on average hauls around 891 million tons of freight per month, which makes for quite the Holiday load each December.


Bottom line is that, we want to remind folks of the impact the trucking industry has year round and particularly during the holiday season. We hope that our drivers and all those in the industry have a safe and happy holidays.


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