Truck Driving and Family Life

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Family time is valuable. While reality is that truck drivers will be away from home for longer periods of time than the average working person, time spent with family does not need to be sacrificed. Wondering what family life can look like when you’re a truck driver? Read on to find out how NTB has made it possible to have your family and see them too.


Regional Routes

Earning a living through truck driving doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of time away from home. While Over-the-Road (OTR) driving can keep you away weeks at a time, regional routes allow you to drive closer to home. Most regional routes are drop and hook, meaning you won’t be spending your time waiting around thinking about being with your family when you would rather be with them. This is no exception with NTB’s 95% drop and hook rate.


Consistent Schedule

Again, we go back to that same 2 days guaranteed home time every week. We keep mentioning it because it is so valuable. Make it to your kid’s soccer game on a weekday, apply for a mortgage the following day, and still make it home for dinner. Not too shabby, eh? 


Truck drivers are in demand and, because of that, there are more options in finding jobs that allow for a steady work week. A regular weekly schedule with NTB and good communication with your family will help make sure that you can keep your family close and have time for what’s important in your life.


Paid Time Off and Holiday Time

An important aspect to work/life balance is paid time off, and one of the benefits to working for NTB is holiday and PTO pay. Paid time off allows you to spend some more time with family, go on trips, and make memories with those you love. If you choose to make yourself available around the holidays, NTB offers added incentives for that.

Drive for a midwest company who guarantees 48 hours of home time per week minimum, and offers up to 4 weeks paid time off based on length of employment. Apply to drive with NTB.