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Truck Driving Destiny: New Year, New Career

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Monday, January 27, 2020


Are you destined to be a truck driver for NTB? Of course you’ll need your CDL-A to get the job, but the signs that you were meant to be a truck driver don’t stop there. Certain qualities in a person will ensure the prompt and safe delivery of goods that NTB is dedicated to providing to our customers, and ensure that you’ll feel at home in our NTB family!


Important Driver Traits

Dependable and punctual. Knowing that we can count on our drivers is such an important aspect to a career in truck driving. Getting on your route on time, performing the necessary tasks and charting, maintaining your assigned truck are all parts of the job. Having good organizational and planning skills in your mental toolkit will help in securing and maintaining a career as a driver. If you consider yourself trustworthy and reliable, you should consider a career driving with NTB.


A calm disposition. Is it your style to keep your cool under pressure? A regional truck driver will certainly experience situations where keeping your wits about you will be beneficial. Using good judgement is imperative in controlling a large vehicle. These skills come into play in so many ways. From maneuvering in tight spaces to dealing with aggressive drivers, staying calm and using good judgement keeps everyone safe.


The ability to see the big picture when driving. A person with good observational proficiency is needed both for security and prompt delivery. Keeping an eye on traffic around you and making mental notes of road signs will help get you there safely and on time – two of our most important promises to our clients and the general public on the shared roadways. 


Mental Acuity

Reasoning skills, focus, and concentration with the ability to act and react quickly and appropriately. These are all attributes that will go a long way in keeping you and other drivers around you safe on the road. 


Remaining mentally sharp during a night of driving can be a challenge. It’s really important that every driver remembers each mile driven. If you are a mentally aware and mindful person, you just might be destined to be a truck driver. 


Just for grins, check out Forbes Magazine 10 Brain Teasers to test how fast and accurately you can mentally work through some trick questions.


Physical Wellness

You don’t need to be a fitness guru to be a good truck driver, but having some healthy habits sure makes the days and nights much more manageable. As a truck driver, you’ll be spending the majority of your working hours sitting. Having a lifestyle that includes some movement and a good diet will keep your body feeling limber and ache-free at the end of a route.


Our previous blog posts on Healthy Eating and Exercise offer some great ideas to keep your body fit, which will make it much easier to stay comfortable on the road.



Truck driving requires many skills and natural traits, including a CDL-A. We’d love to hear what traits you possess that make or will make you a valuable NTB employee. Give our recruiters a call at 888-973-5397 to set up an interview.


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