Trucking Takes a Team

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Truck drivers move the country’s economy forward, and NTB is always hiring qualified drivers. However, trucking isn’t a one person job, it takes a team to keep the show on the road. Along with drivers, we also need the support staff that keeps them safe, on the road, and legal.



Mechanics, diesel mechanics, and trailer mechanics are important to the NTB team. These people are in charge of servicing, repairing, and troubleshooting problems. Mechanics keep our trucks running which means that our drivers can get on the road to make the deliveries. We are thankful for our mechanics who work to maintain a safe and effective operation of equipment.



Dispatchers make it possible to ensure all of our freight will arrive in a safe and timely manner. A dispatcher works directly with the driving force to resolve daily questions or issues that arise. NTB appreciates our dispatchers’ ability to communicate and maintain a positive work environment.


Wash Bay Attendant

Wash bay attendants perform a variety of skilled maintenance operations, including equipment repairs and preventative maintenance tasks. NTB is at our best when we have wash bay attendants to inspect, replace, repair, rebuild, and clean our equipment. We are grateful for our wash bay attendants for maintaining a safe and clean work environment.


All of these positions are vital to the success of our company. If you’re looking for a job in the industry and think you'd make a good fit, apply today!