Update Notice: ConnectedDriver App New Features

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

We're excited to announce that we will be releasing an update to the ConnectedDriver app today! This update will be available to all drivers and will add 2 new features:

1. Drivers can put themselves into an on- or off-duty state.

2. Drivers can delete messages (from the app, not the vehicle)

*The on- or off-duty feature has some restrictions and options:

  • Drivers can only go on duty if they are off duty, and vice versa (ex: if they are driving or in sleeper berth state, they cannot use this feature).
  • Customers have the option to disable the feature if they don't want their drivers to have access to it. 
  • Customers have another option to have the feature enabled but only allow drivers to use it when they are joined to a vehicle (ex: if they log out and leave the vehicle they can't use this feature until they log into another vehicle).