Ways to Stay Spiritually Awake When You Can’t Make it to Services

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Monday, November 4, 2019


Let’s admit it. It can be easy to slide into a place of complacency when you can’t make it to regularly scheduled religious services. However, there are things each of us can do to stay connected to our spiritual side. We have a few inspiring suggestions for ways to worship when on the road. 


Load Up Your Truck and Device with Books, Music, Podcasts and Audiobooks

Daily devotionals can be found in many formats. Keep it old school and pack along some books for breaks when you want to disconnect from the online world. When you crave a little more interactive spontaneity in your scripture, you can find podcasts, radio shows, forums, and blogs that can inspire the thoughtful questions you’d receive during weekly services. 


Did you know that you can borrow books, both audio and digital, from your library to read on any device? Go to your library’s website, or stop into your local branch on your day off to find out how to use this fantastic service. Most public libraries have an extensive spiritual selection to choose from, including devotional reading and books on self improvement.


Music that sings to your soul—that’s what we are talking about! What is your favorite song that really makes you feel alive? Is it a traditional worship song? A modern song about your maker? Or a song played on the radio that just truly speaks to you? Whatever that type of music is, create a playlist of music that digs deep. Or use an online music service to introduce you to new music based on songs you love. 


Listen to your playlist for an hour a day, or even just weekly to give yourself some time to worship and reflect. This way, you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road while you experience the calming warmth and spirit of something greater than any of us.


Find a Study Group 

Find a group that meets on one of your days off or join one online. Check with your place of worship for groups that already exist, or ask for assistance in starting one yourself. This can be anything from a time to get together to sing a few hymns and read a favorite spiritual passage, to a discussion on life’s most interesting questions. 


Acting in Faith

Sometimes reflecting isn’t enough to stay connected, and we need to put all that good faith into our actions, no matter how big or small. Make it a habit to do something nice for a random person daily. It can be as simple as holding the door for someone or a kind word when someone seems stressed. On a break, give a loved one a call or text just to tell them you are thinking of them. You could step up and pay for a coffee for the person behind you at the cafe. Serving others keeps us connected in our actions and in our hearts. 



We hope the above ideas will spur you to be the best you can be by keeping a good connection with your deeper self. If you have thoughts we did not cover, please share them in a comment.


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